Post-conference fieldtrip

Part 1: Folding in orogens: Western Asturian-Leonese Zone (WALZ)

Fieldtrip leaders: J. Aller, F. Bastida


  1. F.Bastida, J. Aller, J.A. Pulgar, N.C. Toimil, F.J. Fernández, N.C. Bobillo-Ares and C.O. Menéndez (2010) Folding in orogens: a case study in the northern Iberian Variscan Belt. Geological Journal 45, 597-622.

Part 2: High pressure deformation: Cabo Ortegal

Fieldtrip leaders: A. Marcos, F.J. Fernández Rodríguez, S. Llana-Fúnez


  1. S.Llana-Fúnez, A. Marcos, G. Galán, F.J. Fernández (2004). Tectonic thinning of a crust slice at high pressure and high temperature by ductile-slab breakoff (Cabo Ortegal Complex, northwest Spain). Geology 32 (5), 453-456.

  2. A.Marcos, P. Farias, G. Galán, F.J. Fernández, S. Llana-Fúnez (2002). Tectonic framework of the Cabo Ortegal Complex: A slab of lower crust exhumed in the Variscan orogen (northwestern Iberian Peninsula). GSA Special Paper 364, 143-162.

  3. G.Galán, A. Marcos (2000). The metamorphic evolution of the high pressure mafic granulites of the Bacariza Formation (Cabo Ortegal Complex, Hercynian belt, NW Spain). Lithos 54, 139-171.

Part 3: Crustal-scale shearing: Malpica-Lamego Line

Fieldtrip leaders: S. Llana-Fúnez, M.A. López-Sánchez, A. Marcos


  1. S.Llana-Fúnez, A. Marcos (2001). The Malpica-Lamego Line: a major crustal-scale shear zone in the Variscan belt of Iberia. Journal of Structural Geology 23, 1015-1030.