Precedents for Algal Adaptation to Atmospheric CO2: New indicators for Eukaryotic Algal Response to the last

60 million years of CO2 Variation. PACE



     Read more about “Late Miocene threshold response of marine algae to carbon dioxide limitation”, published on 29th August 2013 in Nature

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    Heather M. Stoll, PI

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New method shows how diatoms and coccoliths “hoard” C inside the cell when CO2 is low


Stable isotope “vital effects” in coccoliths reveal a threshold adaptation response to decreasing CO2 in the late Cenozoic



Diatom Si/C ratios decrease in low pH, high CO2 ocean

Coccolith B content tracks response of coccolithophores to ocean pH

Competition between photosynthesis and calcification revealed by inverse model of coccolith carbon isotopic ratios(ACTI-Co)

Diatom B content, measured with ion probe, tracks use of HCO3- as “alternative fuel” for photosynthesis

NanoEA technique reveals species-specific carbon isotopic offsets between frustule organic matter and cellular organic carbon from cultures





Coccolith calcification shows long term changes through the Cenozoic

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Carbon isotopes in organic matter within diatom frustules track algal CO2 limitation in the past